We believe that consumer behaviour is human behaviour in the first place. Therefore, we look at phenomenons within human cultures. Our education, professional work and experience embedded the idea in our minds that these cultures shape the decisions people make and reveal the space for upcoming trends.


We dive into problems with a higher degree of uncertainty to reveal insights that actually define situations. Our tools for finding the right answers in such unmarked territories allow us to go further than business analytics, to apply humanities better and to find functionality  of art.


We are a strategy and innovation advisory team rooted in humanities. The best way of describing our way of working is tackling a question “What should Maasai do to improve their hunting?” Researching the context, participating in the culture and identifying patterns would be steps to take in search of the right answer. We look at business problems the same way – making familiar unfamiliar.

We seek to understand a phenomenon and apply this knowledge to a particular problem in the market, organisational culture, strategy and innovation. In this way team delivers the understanding of customers, their environments and context, using:

Research: desk and field work delivering extensive description of a phenomenon and its manifestation;

Humanities: intersectionality of empirical and theoretical findings to reach deliberate theory of a problem, explaining causality and clear model of applicable solutions;

Arts: we are pushing it even further. Our team is pioneering metadisciplinary way of revealing insights that determine. Here advising becomes a form or art.